Vision & Objectives


Bihar Finance Service is a premier service of the Government of Bihar and backbone of the revenue system of the state. The cadre is a team of large number of dedicated and proficient officers who contribute the largest share of tax revenue of the state. The state has observed the officer’s adaptability to work in the changing scenario for e.g. – transition from the sales tax to VAT and from VAT to the present GST regime. Safeguarding the legitimate interest, working condition and the glory of the cadre is in the interest of the state revenue. Achieving perpetual fraternity, fostering welfare and development of working skills with thrust on the wellness of the members is enshrined mission of the association. This is the rationale behind the formation of the BFSA.


  1. To work for the benefits, welfare and development of the members of the BFSA and to provide for social, cultural, professional and relational needs of the society in general and members of the service in particular.
  2. Safeguarding the rights of the officers as mentioned in the service condition with a focus on progressive enhancement.
  3. Improvement in the nature and condition of the work.
  4. To strive for the establishment of the “rule of law” with respect to the rights and duties of the officers.
  5. Execution of appropriate schemes in the interest of the welfare of the officers.
  6. Efforts for the development of working infrastructure – a prerequisite for better outcome.
  7. Creation of an environment for inculcating and upholding high standard of conduct and to promote fellow feeling and foster spirit of cooperation and fraternity among the members of the BFSA.
  8. Thrust to enhance the working quality of the officers to enhance tax revenue thereby inculcating a sense of pride and professional excellence.